Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post One, Post-Paris

"Must...get blog..."
To my five six severalloyal readers:

Sorry you've had nothing (to read, here, lately). Early 2011 opened the floodgates on two years' pent-up  demand for real estate. Good for income, lousy for blogging.

Also, Dr. and Mrs. Eliot spent any late-winter free time planning their recent trip to Paris:  guidebooks, itineraries, language — enough anyway to order a kir — which made two weeks twice as fun, twice as interesting, twice as edifying. Ultimately though francomode is not an option for us... our grrls start moyenne section at the  local lycée this September so if we're gonna help them with their homework we have to get our merde together.

Upcoming: the literal weight of money; Adam Smith and immigration; de Tocqueville vs Burke; Amy Chua revisited. Hope to see you here.

Dr Eliot
* Happy to report I got some flak for this.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Eliot,

Can I become your sixth loyal reader?

Will try to be constant.

Thanks for attending my request.

Dr Eliot said...

Please do, Anonymous.

I suggest you sign up for an email subscription to get posts when they're published. You may be constant but unfortunately I am not!

A fan said...

Cher Dr. Eliot,

Nous vous attendons avec patience.

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